This week (On January 5). Brother Kuan Yuan had greeted his birthday of nineteen, it too means he had already come nineteen years old. He had always expressed extremely better than everyone. He will graduate this year, l trust that uncle’s educate and his study had, he will very happy during the university.


I din’t feel well this week, school (uncle)ask for us who will encounter about these matter, we need remember a things (meditation), our body will soon recover back before, I found l don’t well , and l had meditated. The result like school(uncle)said, the next day l had already recover back before. Before l didn’t come this school (uncle’ place), l will use four or five days to recover on encounter about the matter. Bur now l according to school (uncle)’s ask to do (meditated), l had already recover back. Meditation is very magical.

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