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I made a mistake this week, which seems not very big, but I still deeply realize the importance of not slacking off at ordinary times. Most of the time, I manage myself to the best of my ability, but sometimes I relax. It feels like two ideas are at war, and most of the time the good ideas win, but sometimes the bad ones win a little bit. This small matter is also a reminder to me, usually I should constantly ask myself to do well, maintain a good state, otherwise as long as a little relaxation will slip.


This Sunday is Vigo's birthday, not just any birthday, but brother Wei 18th birthday of adulthood. It was amazing to hear people talk about how brother Wei changed before and after he came to my uncle's. At the same time, he took special care of me when I was roommate with Him in this year. He never bothered to remind me when I was in bad condition. Thank you very much. He would tell jokes from time to time, which made everyone very happy. Finally, happy 18th birthday to Vigo.

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