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In ESL class on Friday, the teacher's article 20 rules we have listed, we need to choose and explain three of them, the ten most impressive. What would you do if you were a disabled person, or if you didn't have a good family? This is very much like what we often say to think about others. Every time I see these, whether it's a slogan or a rule, there's a few things that are helpless and sad. Because this seems to be known to everyone, but few people can do it. I don't believe that people who don't know how to play basketball are not what they do but they don't feel they know. I don't believe Chinese students don't know what to do, but few people I know do. My uncle told us that it was two things to know and to do. Although it seems to be a lot of things, many things are understood by everyone, but few people can apply it to themselves. In my uncle's point, the knowledge that we are in is accessible to the outside world, but why to say that an uncle can change a child's life is because only here, we can really make the application of what we have learned in practice. The environment that the uncle gives us is precious, we need to cherish the environment that we can have now, because in such an environment, we have learned the kindness, learned the kindness, understood the treasure.


The temperature is still growing, and the earth is beginning to have signs of recovery, three days ago the branches of the branches have just emerged, and after a spring rain, the new shoots have become a green "little flower". I can't help but wonder how the magic of nature, autumn, winter, and most of the vegetation of the six months are withered, and there is no sign of life. But as the poem says, spring returns, everything is recovering. Unwittingly, the withered branches of the surrounding trees began to glow with new life. From these humble plants, I have seen their tenacious life, tenacious repression, and they can still rekindled their new life even after they have experienced the snow. Think back to ourselves, many times we will be frustrated and choose to step back after difficulties. We don't like plants, animals, we live in a much better environment than they do, but because we have a good environment, we tend to choose ease. The new life of the plants I have seen recently makes me feel lucky, and I am lucky to have the environment I have. At the same time, it makes me feel that I can't relax my vigilance and be comfortable because I have a good environment.

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