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上周學校組織了一次烤肉, 大家都十分開心。有的同學非常願意自己動手燒烤,並烤得非常好,但有的同學則烤的有時會忘記放調料。後來,叔叔親自為我們做了榜樣,並教我們要如何去刷油,如何把調料更簡單地撒到烤肉上。

Last week, the school organized a barbecue. Everyone feel very happy.Some students are very willing to make their own barbecue and bake very well. Later, uncle barbecue for us to do example, teach us how to brush oil, how to seasoning more simple, and more convenient to spread flavours over barbecue.


Reading articles every night is really a good opportunity for reflection.Whether you hear about people doing good or evil, you feel like you are being reminded to follow the example of those who are morally high, and to follow the example of those who do nothing wrong. Everywhere else it's always about how to improve kids' grades. However, in uncle this place, we are not only improved grades, but also learned to reflect, know how to be a good person. And only by receiving education in this way can we truly feel happy later on.

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