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After completing the prescribed exercise task every morning and having just finished breakfast, I sat by the window sill on the first floor to take a nap. The breeze blowing in outside the window was no longer piercingly cold, and the long-lost ten days began to slowly rise from the east. , The lights on the roadside are also extinguished one by one because of the gradually brightening environment. At this moment, a bird came into my field of vision. I was only a meter away from the bird. It stood on the bushes in front of our house and swayed its posture. Maybe it's because it feels that no one around can enjoy a moment's tranquility, or maybe it's happy for the coming spring, the bird seems to be so leisurely, at ease, and happy. In this spring morning, looking at the lovable little nameless bird, this scene can't help but remind me of an impressive poem titled in the collection of Nursing paintings: People do not harm things, things do not disturb, just like the bright moon, everyone Surrounded by stars.


The outdoor temperature has risen to more than ten degrees, and the snow on the basketball court has also melted. On a sunny Thursday, we finally came to the familiar outdoor basketball court to play again, although it has been three years since the last time we played here. Four months, but the people who played together at the time were still playing together, and after a winter, I think everyone's basketball level has improved, Arthur is still the king of rebounding under the rim, and Tom also realizes that The importance of teamwork, and he didn't shoot the ball as soon as he got it, and Hank didn't take it very seriously because he was younger than him, but that's it, he was still the player with the most points in the game. And every time I play with other people, I will feel some bad habits of the children outside, such as touching porcelain, swearing, hurting each other, those familiar bad habits that we have and have long since changed, in fact, seeing them like this On the one hand, we feel sorry for them, and on the other hand, we are glad that we can get a good education here and break our bad habits.

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