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With the passage of time, we are constantly growing up. Rain, who was only fifteen years old when he first arrived, ushered in his nineteenth birthday, as his first birthday after becoming an adult, and he also spent it here. We all cherish this time on our last birthday. Because Rain is about to go to university in half a year, he has been a role model for us in the past few years, an example of hard work and self-discipline. Sometimes when I’m tired of studying, I want to take a nap, I want to be lazy, and when I see Rain, who is more efficient and harder than myself, I will unconsciously start to want to study hard. Seeing the results of his hard work over the past few years has also given us a certain degree of confidence. As long as we study hard with my uncle and stay well, we will definitely have a bright future in the end.


In winter, we eat lamb or beef dumplings in about two weeks. With the increasing frequency of eating dumplings, all of us have become more proficient in making dumplings. In less than an hour, we can eat more than a dozen people. Making dumplings not only improves everyone's hands-on ability, it is also a very happy thing to be able to eat dumplings made by yourself. I think this is a rare thing, because you can never have the opportunity to experience making dumplings by yourself at home or at school. At the same time, it is also something we need to cherish here, because maybe only here will we have these unforgettable, happy times of making dumplings with classmates.

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