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Recently, my state has regressed a lot, and my performance this morning is very obvious. After being reminded by uncle, I realized that I should suppress the bad thoughts of others. In fact, just before uncle reminded me, I was aware of this kind of thought, and I thought about it for a long time, but I didn't think that I should suppress it. Today, under the teachings of uncle, I suddenly realized that it is not right to think that others are not good. You must reflect on your own thoughts, and you must not have the idea of complaining about others. Uncle also reminded me to pay attention to what I was thinking, and to stop bad thoughts immediately. I hope to return to a better state from now on, or even go a step further, to think more about the advantages of others.


It was very windy when I went out for a run this morning. Running along the green grass with the fresh wind blowing is really pleasant! I can't help but think of when I was a child, my father would drive me and my classmates to climb the mountain as soon as he was on vacation. It made me fall in love with nature, the wind, and the trees around me. When I think about it, it is very touching. Dad can't rest even during the holiday. He drives the car back and forth for more than 4 hours, just to give the child a happy childhood. Now that I think about it, the parents of elementary school classmates are like this too, taking time out of their busy schedules to accompany their children. I think it is also the parents' enlightened environment that affected my father. I'm ashamed to compare myself. I've been here with Uncle for more than a year, and I didn't expect to care about others, I didn't consider other people's feelings, and I couldn't influence Zichen, but negatively affected each other. Thinking about how precious this environment is, there are uncles who educate us and remind us that classmates also have many positive thoughts, and they can think more about the good of others. I'm really ashamed, and I haven't established the idea of ​​thinking about other people's good until now, and my state is good and bad. Cherish it, cherish this environment, and hope that you can get rid of your bad thinking patterns and become better.

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