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Updated: Nov 18, 2021


Leaves are going to fall out in all, and even if at some distance, the branches can still be seen clearly now. The moon sometimes hanged low in the night sky; the passing planes seemed able to touch it if a little higher. I am now sitting in a silent room, hearing some sound come lightly from the piano room, and there are some leaves in front of the window, swaying under the dim orange light of the lamp beside the street; and across the not wide street, it was a room, allowing the similar dim orange light out of its window, and before the room, there was a tree, the yellow leaves of which have not fallen out in all. During the day, they are not very beautiful, but now gradually fascinated me into a trance.


After we had finished the story of Wang Yang Ming last week, we began to listen to the story of Jetsun Milarepa. Jestsum Milarepa had killed many people to revenge when he was young, and then to repay the sins he had done, he continually bore beat and scold, and shouldered woods and stones up hills to build houses; and then for the sake of practice, he lived alone in the wasteful caves, feeding on the nettle around and deciding to get rid of the human world. When others asked him why he could bear so much pain, or why he wasn’t afraid of pain, he answered that, of so many people, he feared pain the most because he didn’t want to fall into hell in the future, which he considered the most painful thing. But so many people. instead of trying to getting rid of it, continually commit sins, seeming to fear that they have not fallen deeply enough.

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