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We played basketball in a basketball court not far from our home. It takes about ten minutes to walk to the court from where we live. Sometimes Brother Hu can drive us there, which is more convenient and can save more time to play basketball. But everyone more readily on more than 10 minutes, you can chat during this time, breathe fresh air, especially the coming of the winter time, last week at 4:30 every day the sun began to descend, it was the time we played basketball back, we'll walk towards the sun, because that is the direction of the back), Enjoy the sunset to bring us visual enjoyment, such a good time, but also precious.


There is a Toyota car in our garage, which was a long time ago. Due to some problems with the exhaust pipe, it makes a loud noise (in fact, we all like this problem, because the sound sounds like the roar of a racing car, and sitting in it is just like driving a sports car, which is a bit of a nuisance). We don't use it at ordinary times. Although it is only an old car, but because it USES less, high maneuverability, so after repaired, brother Hank has been keen to open the car, and the car have one of the biggest advantages, it has a pair of brake, to take our G1 license means that people can trust of open, though it has to stay in the garage before did not how to do, But admit it, it is really a practical, economical treasure car.

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