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Two days ago are ones when garbage would be collected, during which neighbour put their garbage outside their doors. Unfortunately, it was windy those days, so many of the garbage before they found their way to the garbage truck were swept onto the streets. When we saw it, we got tools and bags from our house and went out to collect them and put them into the community garbage can. To be honest, this was not difficult, demanded not much time and energy, during which we could even talk and laugh, deserving the name a piece of cake. But I later also thought that sometimes, if it were not for uncle’s education, what I lacked was just such a piece of cake. That means, something though looking small, but to the bottom it means a lot, able to reflect someone’s inner world, whether he is kind or not.


Two days latter is the Chinese Solar Term, coming of summer, meaning that summer is really coming. Another thing that signs this is the watermelon that uncle told Brother Hank to buy. We first froze it for a long time, then ate it. No matter where, the taste of watermelon is all the time so sweet and watery, recalling the memory of the previous summers.

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