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The sand toys left by some children in the park have become our entertainment items after feeding the birds every day. Although there is a model, it is not easy to build a perfect sandcastle. At the beginning, we tried many times without success. Either it was broken or the tip of the sandcastle was broken in the model. We gave up like this on the first day. . The next day I tried to press the sand harder, but it didn't seem to be very effective, but I groped slowly like this, and finally found that it didn't need to be pressed very hard, but to find a suitable degree. After finding the right way, I can already build a perfect sandcastle in a minute or two. In fact, no matter what you do, as long as you stick to it, you will eventually succeed. There may be setbacks at the beginning, but when you learn from your failures, you will be one step closer to success. And different things also need to persist for different times. For example, it only takes tens of minutes to build a sand castle, but it may take several years to start a business, so in many cases, it is not that you cannot succeed, but you just need to persevere. The time you persist is the same as yours. The value of what you do is proportional.


This week we listened to Song Dynasty King Gongchen's story about integrity while meditating. Wang Gongchen has been filial to his mother since he was a child (his father died when he was a child), diligent and studious, honest and trustworthy. When he was admitted to the top spot in his twenties, he refused to be the champion because he had just done the exam questions not long before the exam, but the emperor was very moved after listening to Wang Gongchen's explanation, especially appreciated his honesty and recognized him In the future, he will definitely become the backbone of the country, so Wang Gongchen must be chosen as the champion. Later, he was respected by the people and officials with his honest character and amazing talent. Listening to this story made me think of teachers and students in China today: students cheat for better grades, teachers even help students cheat for better grades, and people think only good teachers do this... In contrast The ancients of China felt that they were dishonest because they had done the same question, but today's teachers and students go to great lengths to bet on the questions and want to know the questions of the exam. In the past, I was the same as them, thinking it was all right, but now I know that I can't do this, it is actually dishonest, so I will also be more honest in the future.

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