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Recently, due to the cold weather, there is a lot of ice on the ground, so it is easy to slip and fall. These days when we go out, I find that brother Wei soften reminds us, say "be careful". I feel that He really thinks for others, sometimes he will say it unconsciously. If that’s me, I feel like I don't think about others as much as brother Wei does, or maybe even think about them. This also makes me feel that I really need to enhance my awareness of this aspect, and I should learn more like brother Wei. There are many places in brother Wei that I really need to strive to achieve.


In recent days uncle asked brother Rain to help us sort out the words in our math and science textbook, and let us remember these words, which can make us better in class. In class, we were not familiar with many professional words in the textbook, so it was not easy for us to understand what the teacher said in these two classes. When we remember these words, the quality of our class will certainly improve, so I must be good at learning these words.

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