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Before we didn’t know what goodness is, thus always thought that making others like us is goodness. But uncle told us that it was not like this, on the contrary, if one keeps his tenets, he will be disliked anyway, and the real good person, he must keep his tenets. This point also appears in Lun Yu and Liao Fan Si Xun which uncle asked to learn: if one flatters others but not keeps his tenets, then even a whole village think he is good, Saints will say that he is a thief of morality.


June comes, with which Duan Wu also comes. According to previous traditions, we ate Zong Zi on Duan Wu, and got wormwood. It was in our yard we got wormwood. It was very fresh, and had a delicate pleasant smell. The coming of June also means the coming ending of this semester. Since it was near, the amount of our assignments also got raised, but this could not get us. We still quickly finished them and found much time to do other things. For exam ple, Tom had made his skill on piano quite good now, and was even going to participate a piano competition.

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