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January 1st came. Accordingly, there should be fireworks, but perhaps Canadian don’t have such tradition. To cater for the occasion, it snowed again, which I hope would not melt once more. The holiday is going to end, so we will start our courses again; another month later, this semester’s courses will be closed. No idea what next semester’s courses will be, but I really look forward to them. With classmates, I will effort hard in the new year!


Uncle bought whole series of twenty four histories some time ago; because of curiosity, I got Record of History to read. Originally, I thought this book would be boring, but then I found it was indeed interesting. The only thing was that there were two many unknown words, so I need to look up words frequently, slowing down the speed of my reading. Another thing was that though some words looked familiar, but they had different meaning in the ancient times, which helped me get the idea or their origins. Record of History started from Emperor Huang, ended with the start of Han Dynasty. In the meantime, I also found that I was so igno rant of Chinese history, thus feeling a sort of shame, so I decided then to learn more about other dynasties later.

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