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Updated: Sep 3, 2022

昨天,我们观看了Rain同学的毕业视频。其中有一段让我印象很深刻。“你觉得这几年在这儿最大的变化是什么?” “我觉得最大的变化是心理上的...知道了应该做一个好人,善良的人,而不是像过去那样争名逐利,那个状态很累...”


Yesterday, we watched Rain's graduation video. One of them stood out to me. "What do you think is the biggest change here in the past few years?" "I think the biggest change is psychological... Knowing that you should be a good person, a kind person, instead of chasing fame and fortune like in the past, that I'm so tired..."

Before I came to uncle, I felt that the meaning of life was to fight for fame and fortune, to fight hard, and to enjoy the joy of trampling others underfoot. "Goodness" is just an ethereal concept in my mind. However, uncle told us that in the past that kind of thinking was very unkind. Would I be happy if someone stepped on me? "Do not do to others what you do not want yourself." Do not do to others what you do not want. Uncle said that the core of solving these problems is to be kind. When you are kind, you will naturally not think like this, and will think about the feelings of others. I hope I can become kind, learn to empathize, and change all my inner problems.

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