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Under the serious education of uncle in the past two days, I realized that my state is really bad recently. I complain in my mind every day. I don’t read books seriously and always want to be lazy. The bad thing is that I don't even want to admit I'm wrong when I have a problem, it's just too bad, how can I do this! no! It can't be like this, I have to quickly adjust myself to get everything back to normal. Just like what my uncle said, to correct the problem is to go upstream, you can't relax a little, once you relax, it will be a thousand miles away. I must never let my previous efforts go to waste!


We are always envious of birds and their freedom to fly in the sky, but we don't know their pain. In order to survive, every bird starts to look for food every day before dawn, and they have to be vigilant at all times to prevent the attack of animals such as eagles and foxes. After all the hard work, they finally found a grass seed, and it didn't take a while to eat it. As soon as the digestion is over, I have to fly quickly to find the next one, and it is repeated every day. You can still find food in other seasons. The hardest thing is winter. There is nothing but snow. Even if you fly all day, you may not be able to find a seed. Thinking of this we have nothing to complain about! To be a person is already the greatest luck in the world.

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