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A magical thing. On Friday, I don’t know why the computer screen suddenly flickered, and most of the pixels on the screen flickered. I tried to shut down and restart several times, but there was no response, and the result was the same. Because I believe that anything is alive, I said to the computer, you are my most important partner, we have to complete some important tasks together, I sincerely hope that you can get better, and then I silently said in my heart, The next morning, the splash screen got better, and in the afternoon the problem completely disappeared (I didn't do anything in between), I think this is a well-deserved miracle that happened to me recently, because I remember the last time a classmate's computer The same situation has occurred, and it took three or four thousand to repair it in the end. From this incident, I want to tell you that everything has a spirit, and how you treat him, he will give back to you, many people may not believe it, but if you really try to change your bad habits or views on things, Some things will change.


Uncle told us to reflect. This is the right thing. If we don't reflect, many of our own problems will not be discovered, and it is even less possible to correct them. Recently, I sorted out the recordings on my computer. I have some feelings that everyone said a few years ago, and notes in daily life. During this process, I found that I still had some bad shortcomings in my daily life at that time and still needed to be corrected, showing my heart, Jealousy, compared to the previous self, must have made great progress, but there are still some behaviors that have this kind of bad psychology, which leads to some things happening or a bad mood. Due to my laziness, I may reflect on many things at that time. I know that I have done something wrong here, but I rarely record it, so I will develop the habit of taking notes in the future, and record the reflections and important things in my life. Come down, re-read, think more, and get rid of your bad habits as soon as possible.

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