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12年级有一门课是加拿大历史。在写作业的时候感觉很像国内初中历史课的答题方式,把书上的内容誊写一遍。于是一时兴起,上网查了查大学读历史系的感受。用中文搜的时候,有人这样回答:“只干两件事,看看看和写写写。看什么?写什么?可能有的吃瓜群众以为是《明朝那些事儿》,《易中天中华史》。但实际上是看的是,‘国民党军追堵红军长征’、‘中越会战’。” 觉得很好笑。于是又搜了一下国外的情况。“中世纪欧洲、现代美国福音派、古希腊历史...” 庆幸自己来到了国外,这才是真正的历史。想想中国大陆,学历史却荒废了辉煌的文明,一切与政治挂钩。已经没有真正的文化了。“读史以明志”,可在中国却因为读史,多少学子明错了志。变得腐化,充满仇恨。不是他们不想,而是无能为力。自己的父亲,上一代学的就是苏联思想,视所学为珍宝,不倦地以此教给自己的孩子,老师们热情洋溢地讲着课,却不知自己误导了一批又一批的学生。悲切,庆幸,又觉得自己苟且偷生。但除此之外,暂时也没有更好的办法。珍惜叔叔为我们创造的机遇吧,珍惜受到国外教育的机会吧,学好英语,盼望着,盼望着,能不负光阴。

One of the subjects in grade 12 is Canadian History. When I was writing my homework, I felt a lot like the way of answering questions in a domestic junior high school history class. I copied the content of the book. So on a whim, I checked the Internet to find out what it was like to study history at Cha University. When searching in Chinese, someone replied: "I only do two things, read and write. What to read? What to write? Maybe some people who eat melon thought it was "Things in the Ming Dynasty", "Yi Zhongtian Zhonghua" "History". But in fact, I was watching, 'The Kuomintang army pursued and blocked the Red Army's Long March', 'The Sino-Vietnamese Battle'." I thought it was very funny. So I did a search abroad. "Medieval Europe, modern American evangelicalism, ancient Greek history..." I'm glad I've been abroad, this is the real history. Think of mainland China, but studying history has abandoned its glorious civilization, and everything is linked to politics. There is no real culture anymore. "Reading history makes one's aspirations clear", but in China, because of history, many students have made the wrong aspirations. Become corrupted and filled with hatred. It's not that they don't want to, it's that there is nothing they can do. My father, the previous generation learned from the Soviet Union, regarded what he had learned as a treasure, and tirelessly taught it to his children. The teachers gave lectures with enthusiasm, but they did not know that they had misled batch after batch of students. . Sad, fortunate, but also feel that he is stealing his life. But other than that, there is no better way for the time being. Cherish the opportunities our uncle has created for us, cherish the opportunity to be educated abroad, learn English well, and hope, hope, that we can live up to the time.


On the green grass, daisies are blooming. Upon closer inspection, I realized that it was a dandelion blooming. The blue sky is the curtain and the green space is the lining, which is very beautiful. There is always delicious food in beautiful scenery. Look, uncle decided to eat dandelion dumplings tonight. In the afternoon, everyone woke up and went out with shovels and baskets. There are many dandelions everywhere. The yellow flowers stood upright, as if to say: Come on, here I am. Everyone followed the signs and dug up all the dandelions under the flowers at the door. Then began to look for the figure hidden in the grass. Dandelions are always connected into pieces, and several clusters grow together, and a dig is a huge amount. In just an hour, we had two big bags. So everyone took the dug dandelions and went home, looking forward to the fragrant dumplings in the evening.

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