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Updated: Apr 1, 2022


Unconsciously oneself already 18 years old, also already come to this school (uncle here) three and a half years. In these three and a half years, my uncle's education changed me from a selfish person who did not know how to care about others and only thought about myself to how to think about others now, and let me know what I should do at what age. Imagine where I would be now if I hadn't come to the place that changed my life. Every day without thinking about others, every day will run out of the house to do bad things, to hurt others. Now think about what you did before really feel very regret and ashamed. In the three and a half years in this school (uncle here), it is the most reassuring three and a half years for me. Because under my uncle's education, I knew I could not do bad things, and my uncle taught me how to do better every day. In this school (uncle here) really feel real happiness, let me every day according to a good person to live, instead of like before, can only live in a deceitful and selfish environment.


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