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The weather is getting warmer, and the wheat grass by the park road has grown much taller than I am. Whenever I go out, in addition to the fresh air outside, there is a fragrance from nowhere. In the season when a hundred flowers are in full bloom, every family cleans up their small yard beautifully. So I think that the unknown fragrance must have come from a small courtyard of a certain family. A small tree hill in front of the small park is covered with small red fruits, which are already ripe at this time. Try one, it tastes as sweet as a sand fruit. When I came to the lake, the fish was about four centimeters long, and they were swimming happily in the lake. In order to see more clearly, I took another step forward. It wasn't until I heard a "thump" that I realized that there was a little frog lying a few steps away from me. When his eyes focused on a small green plant at the door, it was densely covered with aphids. At this time, I suddenly remembered a story I heard when I was a child. I knew that aphids would produce "honey juice" for the ants to eat, so there were only a few ants busy in the green branches.


We all have our own hours of fun, and cats are no exception. Their fun is probably just patting and teasing the cat. But in fact, whether it's patting or playing with them with a cat stick, we all need to be careful. Because cats love wheatgrass so much, we bring them home with a few when we go out every morning. One day when I was playing with the cat with the wheat straw, although the straw in my hand was shaking constantly, I was thinking about other things in my mind. So although they looked at the dangling wheat straw, they didn't rush over and run after them as usual. But when I held the straw again this morning, I didn't think about anything else, but how to move the straw to make the cat run and play more. This time is completely different from before, and everyone seems to have no idea. Especially Xiao Yinzi, he was already lying there and resting, and when he saw the wheat grass again, he was about to pounce. Like children, they can feel whether we are paying attention when we play with them. So in the future, I will definitely be more attentive when dealing with cats.

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