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Friday is Christmas Eve, Christmas Eve is the one night before Christmas, meaning the night of the birth of Jesus will bring happiness to the world. The arrival of Christmas Eve, it also brought to us a good news, school (uncle’s place) gave us a three days holiday. Brother Hu took us to the city’s centre on the first day of holiday. We looked for what we were interested in and what we needed in . When we get home, we turn on the Christmas tree lights and we hang the lights on the door. We spent this happy Christmas happily, really like a family holiday together.

今天是元旦節,也是新一年的開始,時間過得真快。這一年中大家在這個學校(叔叔這裡)都一直在進步著。子滕的鋼琴一直在練習鋼琴, 愷元哥一直再認真讀書為自己將來的寫作做準備,小山每天都在練習著自己的書法,我也在努力鍛煉身體。當然我們現在能確定自己的目標,並且對自己的將來非常的有信心。都是因為在這個學校(叔叔這裡),是叔叔教育了我們,是叔叔一直一步一步的為我們將來操心,把我們從一個渣滓變成了現在的好孩子。新的一年中我們叔叔的教育下一定能變成更好的孩子,也非常感謝叔叔這一年中教育我們,感謝叔叔。叔叔新年快樂!

Today is New Year's Day and the beginning of a New Year. Everyone has been making progress in this school for this year. Tom has been practicing the piano. Rain has been studying hard to prepare for his future writing. Xiao Shan has been practicing his calligraphy for every day. We can define our goals and we are very confident about our future. All because we were staying in this school (uncle’s place), is the uncle education us, is the uncle has been step by step for our future worry, turned us to become a good boy from a scum. In the New Year, we will certainly become a better child by uncle’s education. Thanks to uncle very much for uncle’s education in this year. Happy New Year, uncle!

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