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recently l had always want to stay on bed when l woke up and don’t want to get up, l think carefully this thing, l found me who can’t do this things , not just get up, and l can’t allow when l want to lazy. Uncle said : when person would complete at oneself who don’t want to do things, he have already risen his self - control. Now l must change me who found problems of myself at once , and always notice this things.


I am student on duty at this week, and help brother Hank to cook. During the duty l don’t want to use my heart which don’t want at somethings on my lazy. Now I think that not only use heart to want at somethings, I did do to be a lot of the mistake things that because basically didn’t use heart to want at somethings. Uncle said to me who need heart of myself to think somethings, but because of their own laziness, l didn’t basically use heart to think at something. Now l found this bad things, afterwards l will notice this things on doing somethings, and l will use more my heart to think.

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