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May has come. Unconsciously, semester has passed half, and according to my hometown’s weather, it should be near summer now. In memory, cicada among the leaves seem to again sound incessantly. What a strange animal human is. We often see the goodness after leaving, but feel it normal when being there. I still remember what uncle has said on this: “now you think that the rice of home is perfect, but coming back and staying for a while, you will begin to criticize it, isn’t it?”Thinking it twice, I think it is just like this, which is funny.


Perhaps during Qing and Ming Dynasty, there happened a large pestilence. Sick people died one after one, making many people worried. Then one day there appeared a person claiming that he could cure the disease, so the crowd all rushed to him, giving him money and gifts, and even willing to lick the soil on his feet. However, soon this person suddenly disappeared, and a while later, people found him in the prison because of fight. This article made me feel the despair and helplessness of people when they faced disaster. To live, they were willing to try, but the result could be good or bad. Speaking of bad, there was the event of Shuang Huang Lian in China two years ago; good, there was the common belief in God that occurred in East North of China in 1990s. During the ten years, there were tens of millions of workers that encountered unemployment in this cold place. They didn’t have source of income, so even had to pick leaves in market, and entered adult industry; when it was winter, because of lack of warmness, on the streets there would often appear frozen bodies. The wailing wind there, will it be blowing all the way to Beijing which is not far away?

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