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With the arrival of March this year, spring has also arrived. Because of the snow, I couldn't play basketball as frequently as before. But spare time, we are not idle, we spend a lot of time to study, March arrived, it means we can go out as frequently as before. A lot of times when playing basketball, really feel very happy, pass the ball between each other, take care of each other, always can feel everyone's care between each other, and everyone's kindness. I really didn't think about anyone before I came to this school. But I in this school (uncle here) is really can feel uncle's kindness has been affecting us, let us know what is really good, what is really bad, let us really become a good person from a bad child.


The hot pot I made this week was the most successful one I've ever made. Because of the hot pot we made this week, we asked for more rice twice. When we cook hot pot by ourselves at ordinary times, we never ask for extra rice. On reflection, the hot pot I made this week was probably the most serious I've ever done. Usually do things is also, always careless, do not worry about, a lot of times when doing things always think how to faint things. Now I find that if I do things seriously, I will do things well and quickly. So I really want to pay attention to this thing, do every thing is not only responsible for their own, but also the responsibility of others.

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