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People often talk about the word loyalty, but very few people really understand and can do it. In modern society, utility is the most important thing. As long as you can make money, you can do anything. People pay more attention to personal gains and losses than the pain of others. Loyalty to stand up for a friend or fight for a passerby will lead to damage to personal interests to a large extent, so for many modern people, this is a very stupid behavior. But is loyalty really stupid? Not so. The ancient Chinese culture is extensive and profound, and the ancients are even more intelligent. Throughout the ancient Chinese books, there are many examples of loyalty, among which the most famous is the Yang Zuozhi. Two people who didn't know each other only met by chance and became brothers, but in times of danger, they were willing to save each other's life by their own deaths. We moderns are worth thinking about.


Before you know it, the door is full of spring colors, and the yellow flowers are dancing with the wind in the green space. This is not only the dance of spring, but also a signal, a delicious signal. The yellow flowers everywhere are the delicacy we have been waiting for for a long time - dandelion. Dandelion is not only beautiful but also edible. It tastes a little bitter, but it is very delicious when wrapped with meat into dumplings. In the afternoon, with the consent of my uncle, we took out the prepared shovel and scissors, so you shovel here and I will cut where I will cut. After a while, I harvested two big bags full of them. Thinking that I will be able to eat the long-awaited dumplings soon, I am so happy.

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