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March 22, 2022 is the 365th day that I came to Canada. One year is so short. Although it is short, it is accompanied by many good memories, whether it is ideas or skills. I have improved a lot this year, which is in stark contrast to the state when I first came to Canada. I have learned to reflect on myself, and gradually look down on some bad attachments. When no one is there, I will try my best to maintain the state when someone is there. , although some places still cannot do very well, nor can it be said that it is 100%, and it can do some of the above-mentioned things all the time. But my uncle said, always compare with your own state. The current self is just like what I said in a book I once read. From a child who thinks he knows everything, he gradually understands his ignorance, and improves himself little by little when he understands his ignorance (thought , knowledge, skills). 2021-2022 may be an ordinary year for many people, but for me, the meaning is extraordinary, because this year has made me realize a lot of things, realize that I have grown up and realize my own shortcomings. , I realized that I still have too much to improve, I realized that I can no longer think about myself like a child, I realized that this world is not the fairy tale world that Zeng Jin fantasized about, this world has good On the one hand, there is evil at the same time, and the evil side accounts for the majority. This kind of evil should make us bear the responsibility. Only with serious efforts now can we create a truly beautiful world in the future.


From playing basketball this week, I realized one thing, my team awareness is still a little lacking. If it is only about ball skills, I will be a little better than others, but if it is about teamwork, there are some shortcomings. In the process of playing a ball game, if the ball is not in your hands, you will not know what to do. Standing on the court, you are always faced with some choices, whether to help your teammates pick-and-roll, grab rebounds, or let your teammates pass the ball to Own? Sometimes not being able to make the right answer at the critical moment will always lead to some unnecessary mistakes. So I think when you play basketball, you should not only know how to dribble the ball and how to improve your skills, but also include thinking about others. If you think about your teammates, you will know what you need to do next. Teammates need help. In the past, we only thought when we were playing, but in fact, we need to think comprehensively about everything. If we only think about what we think is important, or what kind of thing can show our ability, we don’t consider other things about the whole thing. aspect, then it may be difficult to do it well.

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