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Chinese New Year again! Every time there would be that old sentence: time is flowing fast! Classmate Mountain wrote many Chunlian and Fu like the previous years, the only difference being that he has really a big improvement and developed many styles for Fu, which seen make you feel that the air of Fu is flowing out of the word like floods. Uncle, also like usual, swept the dust on us and sent us a red bag; we also wished uncle happy new year! Hope that this hope could really be true, and also hope that everyone could be happy in the new year and has their Fu from the tiger year.


Grade 12 1st semester ended this week after final evaluation. Soon we will come into next one. There will be one course that is leaded by Mrs. Florence, our teacher of English of last semester and that is called study in literature. Teacher first sent us a book, tell us to read it in our spare time. Then I found it was a book I had read in uncle’s place before, called to Kill a Mocking Bird, which was about compassion, justice and bravery. I am really looking forward to the things that I will learn on this course.

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