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Black sarong sky,

The full moon hangs in the sky.

On this festival again,

May my heart become clear.


We clean every week, and this week I had a little accident with the vacuum: I didn't notice two coins lying on the carpet, and when I heard a "crack" in the vacuum, I realized they had been Into the vacuum cleaner. In order to find the lost coins, my sister Mingming and I turned on the vacuum cleaner and cleaned out all the rubbish inside. The rubbish bag had a very small mouth, so it took us a long time to empty all the rubbish inside, but in the end we only found a coin. We searched the room and couldn't find another coin, it just disappeared. Although losing a coin may seem like a trivial matter, it made me understand that I really can't be careless in doing things. Maybe it's okay this time, but maybe it will cause irreparable losses next time.

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