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Uncle took us to the dollar store on Saturday to do some shopping. While paying I found a five-cent Canadian dollar coin on the ground. When I first arrived in Canada, I was very interested in Canadian coins because it was the first time I saw what coins from other countries looked like. This coin is especially good-looking, with a beautiful small animal pattern printed on it. The silver is free of any blemishes and gleams in the sun's rays. At this time, the small five cents was extremely tempting to me. At that time, the first thought was, "Why don't you put it in your pocket, anyway, it was dropped by someone else, and no one saw it. But it also It's not mine..." I hesitated, wanting to take this coin away, but I felt that it wasn't good to take this coin away. Then I thought of what uncle taught me in the past, and the word "true" hit my head. Although I picked up this five cents today, no one will know, but if I can't resist such a small temptation, what about the bigger temptation in the future? You can pick up five cents today, you can pick up a hundred dollars tomorrow, and you can even steal money later. In this way, I will become a person who does all kinds of evil for the sake of profit. So in the end I gave the five cents to my sister and we were going to donate it. Although it is only a five-cent coin, it made me know the meaning of "true" and understand the importance of "do not do good for small things, and do not do evil for small things".


My sister's cooking skills are getting better and better, and she often takes us to cook fresh and good things to eat. My sister made omelette for us this time. It's not the same as normal egg fried rice. A small bowl of fragrant rice is wrapped in a thin omelette and drizzled with a few drops of tomato sauce. We also discussed how much this bowl of omurice would sell for at the store. In the end, we all agreed that this dinner plus some snacks and drinks can be sold for twenty-nine dollars! It's really not an exaggeration, because it's so delicious! ! !

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