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This week, School had asked us to listen story of the “Five Hundred Years of Wang Yangming”,Wang Yangming was a great saint. Wang Yangming had spoken that “Knowledge and action are one” was very profound for me. We not only know that we can do anything, we can’t do anything. We would need to complete these things. I thought school (uncle ) asked students to read very more article,it have very more people that they have got very good quality:Benevolence, righteousness, propriety, wisdom, faith, for the sake of the world to thought, these ancients of chine was studied by us, we will admire them.


Last Sunday, it is a day of the foreign(Halloween),night of halloween is good day for children, night of Halloween children had had a good mood that they want to full pocket of them, then they will sharer fruits of the labor with friends. On night l full good mood to wait when other peoples will came doorway. Nearly to the night o’clock, someone had knocked to need candy. l had opened after l see a four or five years old little boys hold a basket to stand the doorway, very lonely. After we had given candy, waiting for the next kid to ask for candy.

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