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晚上,叔叔带我们出去遛弯。我们在公园玩了一会儿,就在准备回家的时候,叔叔笑眯眯地指着黑暗中的一片草地说,看萤火虫。于是我们一个个都朝草地凑了过去。草长得很多很茂盛,整个一片都是一米多高。等环境安静了,只见草丛上、天空中划过一个个白色的亮闪闪的光,就像挥动仙女棒之后,天空中的魔法亮光一样。有好多,就像星星。闪两下,停两下,又接着闪... 把靠近我们的发光之处连起来,就看到了一根缓缓下降的直线,猜到了它们的飞行路线。好像迪士尼的电影,这是我第一次看见萤火虫,居然是白色的光,亮闪闪的好漂亮。

In the evening, uncle took us out for a walk. We played in the park for a while, and when we were about to go home, uncle smiled and pointed to a piece of grass in the dark and said, "Look at the fireflies." So we all moved towards the grass one by one. The grass grows a lot and is lush, and the whole piece is more than one meter high. When the environment was quiet, I saw white bright lights streak across the grass and the sky, just like the magic lights in the sky after waving the fairy wand. There are many, like stars. Two flashes, two stops, and then flashes... Connecting the glowing spots near us, I saw a slow descending straight line and guessed their flight path. It's like a Disney movie. This is the first time I've seen fireflies. They're actually white lights, so shiny and beautiful.


One day, we were playing in the park. When Zichen was on the swing, we played a prank together and took off her socks and shoes. I also thought it was fun to dangle a shoe next to the swing and toss it far into the grass. Zichen exclaimed on the swing, and I laughed and ran to pick up my shoes. After a while, it was my turn to swing. This is over, socks and shoes are all gone. One was dragging in the back, and the other was untying the shoelaces in the front. At first I thought it was fun, and everyone laughed. But after a while, when I wanted to get off the swing, I found that the socks and shoes were all tied to the swing next to it, and I thought it was not so fun. So, that day I went home with a depressed mood. Thinking about Zi Chen's mood should also be very depressed. So, the prank isn't as fun as I thought it would be. It's best if everyone is in a good mood. If it's just for fun, it's a bit of a loss if someone's mood is ruined.

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