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The weather is getting warmer and we are entering early summer. In order to understand the heat and cool down, my sister is going to make mung bean cake for us. We first prepared a large bowl of green beans, and after soaking them all night, they all softened. But after that there is an extremely "painful" procedure, which is peeling. At first we peeled one by one, but after doing it for a long time, it was not enough for a pelvic floor. So we changed to a slightly faster method, which is to rub mung beans on the table with a wooden shovel, but the speed of doing this is still not high enough, and it took a long time to rub out a handful. In the end, it was Yu Fei's idea that made our peeling much more efficient. In this "big project", I understand that the most important thing is to use brains and hearts when doing things. Otherwise, doing things will always be superficial, not only inefficient, but also in the process of doing things will not gain anything.

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