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养猫的人应该都知道,其实猫咪也是吃草的,因为他们需要植物纤维帮助他们消化并补充营养,所以我们都会定期给猫咪们种一些麦苗。以前我们总是把种猫草当作一件很复杂、繁琐的事,所以总会因为懒惰而一拖再拖,但这周当我们又该种猫草的时候,我们决定换了一种心态:不再把种猫草当成一个工作、一件麻烦的事情了。我和姐姐分工合作:一个洗盒子,一个铺土,一个撒种子,一个浇水。结果原来最少需要十五分钟才能完成的工作 ,这次我们用了五分钟就完成了!通过这件事我明白了做事时的心态是很重要的,如果我们换一个角度去思考、看待这件事,我们就会得到截然不同的结果。

Cat owners should know that cats also eat grass, because they need plant fiber to help them digest and supplement nutrients, so we will regularly plant some wheat seedlings for cats. In the past, we always regarded planting cat grass as a very complicated and tedious thing, so we always put it off because of laziness, but this week when we should plant cat grass again, we decided to change our mentality : No longer regard planting cat grass as a job and a troublesome thing. My sister and I divide the labor and cooperate: one washes the box, one spreads the soil, one sows the seeds, and the other waters. It turned out that what used to take at least fifteen minutes to complete, this time we completed it in five minutes! Through this incident, I learned that the mentality when doing things is very important. If we think and look at this matter from a different angle, we will get completely different results.


One morning when we went to feed the birds, when we arrived at the door, we suddenly heard the sound of cooing. We looked up and saw a turtledove was flying towards us with a piece of grass in its mouth. It turned out to be in the tree by the door. A bird's nest was built on the top of the tree. It stood on a branch and looked at us with its head tilted, as if to say: "How are you new neighbors?", and then flapped its wings and flew back to the nest. After that, every time we passed by there, we could always see it nesting in the nest, it must be hatching baby turtledoves. And I always thought this "new neighbor" was a turtledove from the boys, maybe because it was closer to the food.

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