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As the time passed, the Canada’s summer passed, followed by the coming of autumn. When I went out to play basketball recently, I saw that the leaves of many maples were red, the weather had become much cooler than before and there had been several heavy rains in recent days. New season, new semester, hope in this period can have more harvest.


In recent days, Brother Rin is preparing for the TOEFL exam, he practices English very hard every day and even when we go out to play, he will stay in the house to study. I feel that this spirit is very worthy of my study, because I have never done a thing like brother Rin, so I really want to learn more from the brother Rin.



Recently because the brother Hank have something to go out of the door so now the boys here is brother Wei in charge. I think it's a test for me because I was sitting next to brother Hank before, so he always reminded me. Now the tiger brother although not in but I also want to try to manage their own, cannot relax.


There are many snails on the road because of the rain many times recently. Every time we pass by, when we see them, we just pick them up and put them aside. If I had been in the past, I wouldn't have managed them at all. After came to this school, I learned a lot, know that animals are also emotional. So, I must care more about animals, because animals are also life, they also have the right to live.



Recently, when we went out to play basketball, we met some students who went to the next school and found that the physical fitness of the people on our team was really different from that of the students when they were playing basketball. When we grab the ball, the students are always knocked away, and when they hit us, they can't. Really feel that after coming to this school, the physical fitness has also changed a lot.


Unwittingly came to this school has been almost eight months, here I have changed a lot. Recently saw my photos before coming here I find that there have been some changes in my appearance, it really feels like a heart- and heart. Of course, I still have a lot of bad habits, I also have to try to correct myself.

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