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This week we have went to the little park near our house to dig up wild plants. Uncle said that after we dig up the plants, we can make dumplings. One day, after it had rain, we went outside to go on a little walk, and we didn’t think of bringing the tools to dig up the plants. The ground was very muddy, but it was very easy to dig up the plants, so we went home and got the tools to dig the plants. We put on gloves, and took the tools, and then we went out again. When we were digging the plants, we weren’t very sure what the right wild plants, because we couldn’t tell the difference between dandelions and the wild plant, so we didn’t dig up a lot. We went home and showed Uncle our plants. Uncle said the plant we dug up were, in fact, dandelions, but dandelions are also edible, and it’s also really yummy!

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