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Milk, our kitty, suddenly disappeared after a walk in the basement at night. The snack did not appear, nor did the call. Everyone searched the house and couldn't find it. Uncle was in a hurry, afraid that it would run out when the door was opened, because the domestic cat could not survive on its own after going out. So we put on our coats and went outside to look for milk. It was raining outside, and we put on our hats and walked along the road, shaking snack jars and shouting for milk. Shouting and shouting, I felt like I was looking for a lost child, and I unconsciously thought of the millions of women and children who go missing every year, and their parents are very anxious. After looking around for a long time, I couldn't find it. My sister cried while looking for it from the bottom of the car. Finally got home and finally found milk in the dark storage room in the basement. Great, found it. Milk was obviously frightened and hid inside and did not dare to come out. After walking out, the legs looked soft, wobbly and very slow. As uncle always taught us, if you rescue cats, you must be responsible for them to the end. Uncle went to great lengths to transport cats from home to abroad, just because their lives were precious. I want to develop this kind of thinking, we will do everything to the end; life is priceless, so we will love everything around us, including small animals, but also people. A truly kind person is compassionate to everything around him.

今天中午吃饭的时候,发生了一点不愉快的事情。主要是因为霏霏正在盛汤的时候,我已经盛完了,所以迫不及待地说 “叔喝了”。其实还是自己没有养成长幼有序的礼貌习惯。同时这样对大家都好,大家相处也会融洽和睦,叔叔也不用太操心我们彼此的相处。

During lunch today, something unpleasant happened. Mainly because when Feifei was filling the soup, I had already finished it, so I couldn't wait to say "Uncle I will drink". In fact, he has not cultivated the polite habits of growing up and orderly. At the same time, this is good for everyone, everyone will get along well and harmoniously, and uncle doesn't have to worry too much about our getting along with each other.

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