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This week, I made mistakes in succession, which should not be so. Superficially, it is only the omission of some details, which is not a bid deal, but it shows my inner mind. Just like uncle has said, sometime being careless is not just “Oh, I forget”, but can usually reveals whether this person really cares for others; being careless is a symbol of not being kind. For example, the way you give a knife to others, and whether you would give other tissue when you get yours. These are small things, but the kind people will think of them; the unkind will not do so.


Easter came, we had a vacation, uncle let us have a BBQ. This had a long history here, being a source of our happiness. For example the winter I came, we had BBQ at seventh floor and a good time eating them, not only because they tasted good, but we made them ourselves, so found it interesting. That was a night, outside the windows was a large, quite and deserted construction, in the sky was a blight moon, at the distance were dark buildings and dry cold wind sounds. It is like there is a beauty flowing around in the night air.

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