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It was an early morning after a rainy night, the air was filled with the smell of earth, and the sky was covered with only a slight morning light by the gray clouds. We went to the park to feed the birds as usual, but before we walked out a few steps, I found a lot of earthworms under my feet. I looked up and saw that the whole road was covered with them. I think if we ignore these small earthworms, they will definitely be caught by pedestrians. And the car was pressed into patties, so we used branches to pick them one by one into the grass. Everyone picked it up for more than an hour, and probably saved more than 500 earthworms. All things have spirits and insects and ants are the same. They also feel pain and despair. Let's put ourselves in the shoes and think if you are them and you hope that someone can save you, so I hope everyone can lend a helping hand to these little beings in the future.

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