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昨天我们遇到了一个特别可爱的小女孩,她看起来两岁左右。当她的爸爸牵着她路过我们时,她一直在对我们说“Bye Bye”。我们也向她说“Bye Bye”,然后她就向我们微笑,那是我见过最真挚最可爱的微笑了!最后小女孩的爸爸牵着她离开了。我们还看到她向前面的两个老奶奶打招呼,好像路过的所有人她都向他们打了招呼。这位可爱的小女孩像一位小天使一样,向世界传递着美好与温暖。

Yesterday we met a particularly sweet little girl who looked to be around two years old. She kept saying "Bye Bye" to us as her dad walked her past us. We also said "Bye Bye" to her and she smiled at us, the most sincere and lovely smile I've ever seen! Finally, the little girl's father took her away. We also saw her greeting the two grandmothers in front, as if she was greeting them to everyone passing by. Like a little angel, this lovely little girl conveys beauty and warmth to the world.


Last week, the numbers on the screen of my electronic watch suddenly became very blurry, and the numbers were always missing and I couldn't see clearly. It came so suddenly, I didn't know why. When I checked later, it was said that the watch was out of power, but Yu Fei and I bought the watch together, and her watch was still in good condition. Looking at the flickering numbers on the watch, I only felt that a small life was slowly passing away. I took it off my wrist and put it in the palm of my hand when I suddenly felt sorry for it. Because I didn't cherish it until it didn't. I put the watch in my pocket, and I just feel very sorry, thinking that if it can brighten up again, I will cherish it. I was ready to accept the fact that the watch didn't light up, but when I checked it the next morning, it miraculously came back! As if it felt my apology. So not only people, animals, plants, paper, watches and other items that provide us with convenience are also alive, and they can feel our goodwill. That's why tools that are well cared for last longer. What's more, these items have provided us with a lot of convenience, and we should thank and love them even more. I will treasure my watch and everything I use in the future.

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