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I recently reflected on my own heart and felt a problem that always lingered in my mind before: ease . In fact, as early as in China, I was always confused about a question, that is, why would I fight in my heart because of going home, and I would like to go home but don’t want to. After going home for a long time, I always have the idea that I don’t want to go back to school. Now I understand that it’s all because of ease. When I want to go home, I want to pursue a kind of enjoyment in my heart.This is a mental state of not seeking to make progress, and not wanting to go home is the good side of the heart at work. Uncle often said: People have two sides, a good you and a bad you. Now we must focus on that good self, and when we should work hard, we must hurry up and study, and don't waste our precious youth because of the momentary ease and indulgence.

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