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During meditation this week, we listened to the story of Sun Simiao, a famous medical scientist and pharmacist in history. In order to treat the common people, he lived near the patient's house, and when he met the poor, he would not take a penny. Later, more and more people came to see the doctor. He lived there for a period of time and healed the people there, and after a period of time, he changed places and healed the people there, and he lived in an indeterminate place. He also engraved some common prescriptions on stone tablets, and asked passers-by to treat them by themselves without taking a penny. What a selfless act this is. If today's doctors can truly save people like Sun Simiao, I believe that there will be fewer and fewer people who lose their lives because they have no money to treat their diseases, and people will also be affected by this kind of disease. Kind and moving.


Last September, we had five cute kittens here, they are: Wangzai, Milk, Bigglod, Silverbaby and Jadebaby. In the six months that I have been with them, I have become more and more aware that they are really little beings with their own thoughts. They know what we are thinking, they can understand what we say, and they will comfort us in their own way. What impresses me the most is: one time when I was crying because of the pain in my hand, I saw the milk next to me, he was stunned for a moment, and then he shoved his little paw into my hand, I was really very moved. I can feel their innocence every time I look into their eyes, I must treat them well!

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