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In a conversation with my sister last week, I really learned how terrible jealousy is and how important it is to get rid of it.

Uncle told us: Jealousy is the root of all evil, and it is the unkindness that comes from the bottom of the heart. It makes people see that others are better than themselves, and hope that others are not as good as themselves. It is the most wicked of all human qualities, and it can make people lose their minds and end up on a path of no return. With jealousy, one will try to prove that one is right and how good one is, which will lead to the psychology of showing off and showing off. If jealousy continues to increase, it will even turn the resentment in the heart into actions, causing all kinds of conflicts: slander people behind their backs, speak coldly in person, or attack directly. People who are full of jealousy will not do anything, because time is spent on resentment and dissatisfaction with others, thinking about how to destroy them, and so on. This kind of negative and evil psychology keeps growing, and eventually it will lose its reason and do things that violate morals and laws. Jealousy will spiral out of control, forming a cycle: first, you keep paying attention, and repeatedly recalling the person you are jealous of, remembering more information about him, and then discovering more worthy of being jealous, and finally triggering More jealousy... In this way, what a terrible heart jealousy is, and we really should get rid of this evil heart!



Uncle always told us to reflect on ourselves often so that we can recognize our problem and correct it. Through the conversation with my sister last week, I finally have a deeper understanding of reflection: reflection is not just recalling my previous thoughts and behaviors and simply telling myself not to think so after discovering a problem, but should After the question, carefully examine your own heart layer by layer. For example: when we find that we are unhappy, we need to think about why I am unhappy. After finding the surface reason, we dig deep into our heart to see why this matter makes me unhappy. Observe our thinking activities until we find the reason. The most fundamental reason deep inside. What we need to correct is this problem, because it makes us have a layer of psychology after that, and finally leads to our most superficial problems. Every problem has its roots, and some problems may be so dark and unbearable that even if we know of its existence, we are unwilling to face it, admit it, and make it public and correct it, but in the long run It will only become darker and more unbearable, and will always be deeply buried in the bottom of my heart. Therefore, to correct the problem is to expose the darkest side of the heart to the sun, which may require a lot of courage, but only in this way can we have a bright future.

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