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This week we finally finished our course for the semester and ushered in the summer break. What should you do first in summer vacation? Yes, of course cleaning! It was fine when I didn't clean it originally, it didn't seem to be too dirty, just a little messy. However, after cleaning, I realized that it was very difficult. First, I had to fold and put away the clothes outside, and then sweep the floor. I just swept it again and looked back, but I found that there was still dust and garbage, so I had to move the table and chairs to one side and then sweep it. Once again... A morning passed before I knew it, and the sanitation was only half cleaned, and it took a few hours in the afternoon to finally finish cleaning. Although I was very tired, when I was sitting in the room I cleaned, I was really happy when I saw the fruits of my labor. Just like what uncle said: cleaning the room is cleaning my heart. Moreover, cleaning is also a process of self-reflection. After all, the mess in the room is caused by yourself. Timely cleaning is to reflect on yourself and adjust your mentality through your own actions, so that your heart can return to the best state of peace and happiness.

昨天我们在打坐时听了有关做官要秉持公道的故事,其中有句话是这样说的:“为官立心行事,害民之事绝不可为,切莫只做自己的官,毫不管别人的苦,只想逢迎上司的意图,不坚持公道正义,将“天理”二字丢在九霄云外。”这让我想到了当今的中国与中国的孩子,学校里 学生为了让老师开心可以出卖自己的朋友,为了有一个好成绩便想方设法和老师打好关系,每天帮老师干活而不亦乐乎,甚至在班里当老师的卧底,有谁说了老师的坏话便跑去打小报告……在一个这样的社会里,连小孩都学会了阿谀奉承、看眼色行事,那他们长大了怎么能成为善良正直的人呢,社会又怎能安宁太平呢?即便有些人试着不与他们同流合污,但他身边的所有人都在做着这样的事,如果他不去做还有可能被视为另类或不合群,就像整个社会都在逼着他成为一个坏人,这是一件多么可悲的事啊!

During our meditation yesterday, we heard a story about being an official who must uphold justice. There is a sentence that goes like this: "Act for the sake of the government, and never do anything that harms the people. Don't just be your own official and ignore it. The suffering of others, I just want to flatter the boss's intentions, do not insist on fairness and justice, and leave the word "Tianli" out of the sky." This reminds me of today's China and Chinese children. Students in schools can betray themselves in order to make teachers happy. My friends, in order to have a good grade, try to build a good relationship with the teacher, help the teacher every day and enjoy it, and even work as an undercover teacher for the teacher in the class. Anyone who speaks ill of the teacher will go to make small reports... ... In such a society, even children have learned to flatter and act with a wink. How can they grow up to be kind and upright people, and how can society be peaceful and peaceful? Even if some people try not to be in sympathy with them, everyone around him is doing it, and if he doesn't he might be seen as a different kind or a misfit, like the whole society is forcing him to be A bad man, what a sad thing it is!

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