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這周五我們去了市中心的Eaton Centre,因為第二天就是聖誕節了所以商場裏的人特別多。在商場裏有很多聖誕節的裝飾,最壯觀的是一顆十多米高的聖誕樹,上面有很多彩燈做點綴,特別漂亮。之後我們還去了很多商店,去看一些我們感興趣的東西。感覺今年的聖誕節格外的熱鬧。

This Friday we went to the Eaton Centre in the downtown, because the next day was Christmas, so the mall was very crowded. There are a lot of Christmas decorations in the mall, the most spectacular is a Christmas tree more than ten meters high, there are a lot of lights above the ornament, especially beautiful. Then we went to many shops to see something we were interested in. It feels like Christmas is very lively this year.


This week we began our two-week winter break. It means that we can have a lot of time to do other things every day. I don't usually read books during the break time. So, I want to read more books in the holiday, and then do something meaningful, so that I can have a fulfilling holiday.

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