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Next week, we are about to usher in a traditional Chinese festival: the Spring Festival. This is the first time in 16 years that I haven't celebrated the Spring Festival at home. Surprisingly, I don't feel homesick very much in my heart. I think that we, our classmates, are actually quite happy in this big family. It is rare for me to complete the task of writing Spring Festival couplets by myself, and I have also made great progress compared with the Spring Festival couplets of the previous year. The Spring Festival means that we are about to usher in a new year, new learning, new plans, and a new self. Therefore, we should cherish the last few days of the Xin Chou year, and make a summary of the knowledge we have learned this year, the truth we have learned, and the precious memories. The new year has new signs, and let us greet the upcoming with a mood of anticipation. The coming year of Renyin.


The Spring Festival couplets are a tradition during the Spring Festival. As early as the Song Dynasty, the great poet Wang Anshi had a good saying that "thousands of households are on the same day, always replacing the new peaches with the old symbols". It can be seen that the Spring Festival couplets have a very long history in China. . Every time I look at the Spring Festival couplets of the previous year, I will find that the works that I was very satisfied with or thought were perfect last year still have many shortcomings. Every year, the Spring Festival couplets can make more or less progress, so I feel that the Spring Festival couplets have come to me. It is a kind of year-end evaluation, what progress has been made this year compared to last year, and those have improved. This year's couplet is more stable than last year's writing. Whether it is a cantilever or a pillow, it can be written very smoothly, and there is no phenomenon of delineation, so I am quite satisfied with this year's work. But I need to remember not to be complacent, there will be progress every year, so for me at this stage, calligraphy works are not the best, only better. It also takes more practice, more serious thinking, and higher standards.

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