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这几天,我们出去喂鹅时,经常有海鸥。一開時只有一只海鸥,但是到我们要回家的时候,至少会有七八只海鸥,這些海鸥會叫它們的朋友并和跟它們分享食物。 这些天喂海鸥,我现在知道了他们喜欢吃椒盐饼干和白面包🍞

These few days when we go out to feed the geese there are often seagulls. At first there were only one seagull but by the time we go home there is at least seven or eight of them, these seagulls always call their friends and share the food. Though these days of feeding the seagulls I now know that they love to eat pretzels and white bread.

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Lucy Yao
Lucy Yao
Apr 18, 2021


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