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Empathy 同理心


This week, Uncle Zhou gave us a specific method to eliminate complaints: First of all, we should establish a correct way of thinking. Many times we complain, but in fact the other party is not wrong, but we look at it from our own perspective, and think that The other party was wrong. Uncle said that the correct way of thinking is empathy: think about the problem from the perspective of others, put yourself in the other person's shoes and think about whether I would do the same if I were the other party, and if so, what else can I complain about? Although uncle also taught us this method before, but I didn't get into it at that time, but this time I really realized the importance of eliminating complaints, so in the next few days, I wanted to complain every time I encountered something. I remind myself of the correct way of thinking that uncle said: empathy. As a result, I found that all the things I wanted to complain about could be solved through empathy. It's all because of my wrong way of thinking! In the future, I must keep in mind the methods and principles that uncle taught us, and continue to work hard to correct my own problems.



The sixteenth birthday

This week I celebrated my sixteenth birthday and my second birthday here with my uncle. In the blink of an eye, it has been nearly two years since I came to my uncle. Looking back on the past, I have also undergone tremendous changes from the me I was two years ago. In the past, I was anxious, uneasy and confused, and I was ups and downs in the heavy study, complicated people, and misty future all day long. But now I am no longer anxious or confused, and I am full of expectations for the future. All these changes are because I came to my uncle. Uncle taught me too much truth. Uncle made me understand that people cannot live only for themselves; being kind is not hypocrisy; complaining can ruin a person's future; lying The loss will be myself in the end....Thanks to my parents for giving me life and my uncle for giving me a hopeful future.

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