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Spring is here, leeks are growing, and uncle decided to eat leeks dumplings in the evening. With the scissors, everyone cut the leeks at the door. At first, I was still cutting one by one. After a while, Feifei came and showed us the joy of cutting leeks with a paper cutter. So I started to follow the way of Feifei, grabbing a large handful of leek leaves and cutting them with scissors. It's much faster, and I feel the joy of harvesting! Basking in the warm sunshine and smelling the aroma of the soil, I quietly put the tender leeks into the basket. The dumplings in the evening must be delicious because it is the fruit of our own labor! No pain no gain.


Last week, the Easter school had two days off, and uncle decided to have a barbecue to celebrate. Everyone prepared the materials by themselves, set up an oven in the yard, and started to bake. But after a while, it started to rain, and the rain was getting heavier and tickling against the windows. When it was more than five o'clock, it turned into snow, and the grass became a vast expanse of white. Uncle hurried back after receiving the call and asked everyone to bake in the garage. In order to disperse the smoke, the garage door was opened, and the uncle drove the car in to the door to block the wind. Uncle grilled us a lot of kebabs, as well as chicken thighs and wings. Everyone was very happy and wanted to try the skewers for themselves. So after uncle grilled the skewers for us, he retreated and we started grilling ourselves. Everyone eats and bakes, eats and plays, and it is very happy. Dress warmly, enjoy the goose feather snow outside, eat barbecue and drink drinks. It was an enjoyable evening!

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