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chopped chicken legs

I was on duty this week, and Brother Hu said on Sunday: I want to make a spicy chicken dish, and ask the students on duty to shave the chicken bones. I think this job is very simple and can be done quickly. But when I did it, I realized it was not as simple as I thought. I was more serious when dealing with the first few chicken legs, so the efficiency was also very high. When dealing with the remaining chicken legs, it was very casual, so it took a lot of time, and I accidentally scratched my hand halfway. In the end, it took 10 minutes longer than the expected time. You must not be self-righteous when you do anything in the future, and you must treat everything with seriousness and humility.

animal helplessness

When many people in China see animals needing help, they basically choose to ignore them indifferently. The people around me are also like this, basically they don't have any compassion for animals, and even take pleasure in bullying animals. Now think about growing up in such a society, and finally learn only selfishness and indifference.

Think about the helplessness and cuteness in the eyes of animals, which need to be observed and experienced by people. Whenever animals need help, it is even more important to reach out and help them. The simplicity and loyalty of animals is really touching. Many times when you are troubled, although they can't help you, you obviously feel that they are also anxious for you. The little animals are really kind and cute. Sometimes, although there is no way to help small animals, how can we hurt them? I hope that everyone will lend a helping hand when animals are most in need.

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