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As a duty student, I will make breakfast this week. It took me a long time to make breakfast the other day because I didn't focus on cooking while I was cooking, and my mind was always thinking about other useless things. Therefore, uncle stipulated that the time for making breakfast is limited to 30 minutes, so that we will think about how to make the meal fast and good. After there was a time limit, I followed what uncle said: think about what to do before each cooking to finish the meal faster. For example, while boiling water, I can prepare other ingredients. If I drink soy milk, I can I put soy milk on it before washing... It turns out that when I focus on cooking, I can make breakfast in a short time. So when doing things, we must be single-minded and focus on the things themselves, so that we can complete this thing efficiently and with high quality.


This week I'm in charge of keeping the basement clean. One night when I went to clean the basement, Xiao Yubao was lying on the ground alone. After cleaning, I sat next to it and gave it my favorite "pat", it was very happy, "gugulu, gugulu" rubbed around. Since I was going to wash up soon, I made an agreement with Xiaoyubao to wait a while and then take pictures when we came to sleep. In the end, Xiaoyubao really went to the appointment tonight! ! ! It was nestled beside the sofa when I saw it, like a ball of little yellow balls. It seems to have finally waited for me. It rubs against the sofa, the legs of the table, the slippers, and from time to time it turns a little somersault, "gugugugulu", the happiness is simply expressed incisively and vividly, it is really cute!

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